Planning The Garden!


I think there is a paint stain on every piece of clothing I own and I’m okay with that. As a matter of fact, I think I like it.

My sage plant Sparky bought me on my birthday is growing like crazy already! Right now it’s sitting on top of the cat perch in the bay window. I’m planting with the Farmer’s Almanac totally this season. I’m so excited! We’re planting…

  1. brussel sprouts
  2. green beans
  3. sugar snap peas
  4. radishes
  5. cucumbers
  6. cantaloupe
  7. corn
  8. peppers (hot)
  9. peas
  10. asparagus (already coming up from past plantings!)
  11. zucchini
  12. eggplant
  13. pumpkins
  14. tomatoes
  15.  squash

And I can hardly wait!! I have so much to do today!! My family is already up for breakfast and fur family too so I’ve gotta bounce but have a beautiful day my friend!! Try to stop by again tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love ArtDSCN2509


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