Time’s running out for this week’s goals but I’m not worried. I’ll either get them accomplished or I won’t and probably I won’t but there’s always next week. Recapping them they are…

  1. finish mixed media painting on cloth (both of them since now, I have two going)
  2. order mailing tubes
  3. fix my studio’s chi
  4. work on art stamp line
  5. draw new coloring book
  6. work on mini quilt
  7. paint, quilt and sew new hippie bag

I have done three paintings this week though. I only have pics of two though.

So Yay! And the chi in my studio is wonderful! I’m loving it! I think it will probably stay this way for a while, I really do. I like it! I drew a mini coloring book and I intend to order my mailing tubes today! And start a new painting today and hopefully a new hippie bag or pillow today…

Yeah, right. But seriously…I can’t wait to paint today but we just got back in from the post office and it’s almost time to start lunch and then laundry and then hopefully I can paint. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a beautiful day 😀 Meet me back here tomorrow!  Much Peace Love Art~


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