Ideas, Yoga, Birthdays…I’m gonna live forever!


I have another idea…I know, I know, but what can I say? I’m an artist…it’s in the DNA to be constantly changing and exploring and wondering what else could it be lol. I’ve been told more than once that I live in my own little world and I always always always reply…’it’s okay, they know me here and there are art supplies and coffee’ 😀

Okay so new idea…big patchwork quilt but with random original paintings in random shapes and pieced together with rough edges and embellishments and who knows what. I just may try it or maybe make a patchwork basket or hippie bag. I really want to paint and sew and quilt and embellish right now!!

Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yay!! Now I can live to be at least a hundred lol! I do yoga twice a day Ashtanga in the morning and either power or flexibility or vinyasa or hatha or anusara or yin or cross training in the evening for a total of at least 2 and a half hours everyday of wonderful yoga. I love love love yoga. I’m a vegetarian, I don’t smoke (never have), I don’t drink (anymore), I meditate, I make art, I believe in an Infinite Power, I also believe in Peace Love and Happiness!! So, yeah, I think I’m good 😀 Age is nothing but a number anyway and it’s all in how you feel and how you treat yourself. Okay, I do drink a lot…A LOT…of coffee but I don’t see a problem with that. It’s my thing like art and kitties and yoga and peace.

Ghost pet is drinking from the water bowl right now.

Okay my friend I mean to accomplish something this week so I’m gonna bounce (actually, my coffee is calling me since Mr. Coffee is almost done and the cup I saved from last night is gone and I am jonesing :D) So, have a beautiful Monday! Get ready for the eclipse tomorrow! But try to meet me back here first!! Much Peace Love Art!!DSCN2214


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