Saturday…Yoga Music Peace


The glitch was there was no glitch at all. I had used up all my free storage so I had to delete pictures which I did…something like 502 of them! Wow! Oh my goodness, all those moments suspended in time, frozen, now released out into the Universe! Free! That’s how I’m looking at it anyhow. DSCN3231

Ok, it’s Saturday, no Ashtanga on Saturdays so I practiced a cross training yoga this morning…crossing flexibility asanas with strength asanas with a vinyasa flow and I loved loved loved it. This evening I’m thinking either Yin or a really long flexibility practice.

As for this past week’s goals let’s just say I need a do over! But I’m going to cut this short and get at it as soon as I refill my coffee bowl…whatever! Lol. You know I love my coffee.

Doreen Virtue (you can find her on YouTube) says today is a day for sensitive people to take refuge listening to music, walking outside, gardening maybe, spending time with furry friends. Maybe take a nap…pamper yourself! Sounds good to me…I’ll listen to music, drink coffee, practice yoga, eat a tasty salad, and enjoy this country landscape I love so much.

Ok, so have a beautiful day my friend and hopefully you will stop back by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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