Balancing Chi, Looking For Signs and Making Art…I hope :D


I arranged and rearranged my art studio yesterday.

I ran errands with Wayne and those took all day long. I couldn’t even do my whole evening yoga last night! But today it another day and my studio is fixed…for now anyway and while I do have to run out AGAIN today and I have two loads of laundry one of which is already in the dryer and the second is washing I still remain ever hopeful that today  will accomplish something artsy as I have done very little with my art this week. I did draw two maybe three coloring  book pages yesterday though and I did get my chi aligned…I hope. I practiced yoga this morning and meditated with Doreen Virtue, I love love love her! Here’s a link to today’s meditation Doreen Virtue and it is so good so if it’s meant for you to read it, I mean if you feel like clicking on the link then it’s meant for you to do so so do it! You’ll love love love it!  I’m not a religious person but I think I am spiritual and I really connect with Doreen.

Oh my gosh, I am surrounded by fur friends! I love them! Ok, so , my friend, I’m gonna bounce to try to make something happen today! Have a beautiful day…look for signs! Doreen says they will be apparent today. Meet me back here tomorrow…free verse hippie poetry day coming up!

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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