Just Another Day…Cats, Mice, Chores and Yoga


Nothing nothing nothing to check off my goals list I’m sorry to say but it couldn’t be helped really, it couldn’t. I started off with the best of intentions but here’s what happened. Sparky had a trailer of junk…stuff from my old studio, old shingles and whatnot that had to go to the dump. So after breakfast and dishes Sky and me and Sparky went to the dump where we threw over 4.000 pounds of stuff into the landfill!  Then we had to stop by the Dollar Store and I just know people were wondering why we smelled so bad lol. Ok, so we came home and I took a shower first because I’m the fastest. While I showered Rainy preheated the oven for me. Out of the shower and smelling much better I started the laundry..the first of what turned out to be 4 loads including the comforter and sheets from Sky’s bed which I had to help him remake. I made lunch (chicken wraps with baked fries and baked onion rings and Szechuan asparagus spears for Sparky and Wayne and a banana and cheeto sandwich for Rainy and I had a salad as big as my head with sugar snap peas, clementines and homemade croutons from my bread, I doused the whole thing with olive oil spray Sriracha sauce and mustard and gobbled it up! I did dishes, started a loaf of bread, cleaned the litter box, fed the stray cats, brought in the mail, did some more laundry, vacuumed, swept (including the porch), wiped down the bathroom, carried out garbage, checked my emails, did more laundry, put bread on it’s second rise while I practiced my evening yoga, baked bread, folded laundry, helped Sky make his bed with clean sheets, made dinner, folded more laundry,  ate, did dishes, and finally I was through with chores around 8:30 pm and too pooped to draw. So, I drank coffee and played a game while watching the Amazing Race and crashed fast asleep by 10:15. This morning when I got up (before daylight) to practice yoga I found Bijou playing with something and bending down in the dark room to see what it was I found it was in fact, a mouse, a dead mouse ( hey, we live in the country) I picked it up with paper towels and took it outside to the trash can and sprayed the floor with disinfectant spray and told Piper she was a good hunter as I know she is one who caught the little thief since she has the patience of a zen master and stalks for 9 hours at a time! I have now just finished Yin yoga since it’s Saturday, cleaned the litter box and am about to make breakfast and hopefully after eating and doing the dishes I can make some art! Wish me luck!!

Try to stop by tomorrow and we’ll see what I do or what I don’t accomplish.

Much Peace Love Art…Country Life 😀 It’s all good.DSCN3125


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