Blame It On The Moon…hippie free verse poetry

Oh my gosh

always running late

thre’s no debate

I guess it’s just my fate


I’ll blame it on the moon Bob Seger Blame It On The Moon

so beautiful

I had to stay up late and sleep till noon.


I’ll blame it on the art

painting from the heart

creamy pastels and inks and chalks

I get lost

in the wonderland I’m creatingDSCN3006.JPG

never hesitating

always wanting more

mixed media

pages from the encylopedia because now we have wikipedia


charcoal and shaving cream and clay

with which to play

all night and all day


I could blame it on the music

playing my favorite songs

on the old turntable

still ever so able

to spin the blues away

and make my day

and my night too.


I could blame it on the cute cuddly cats

curled up on my lap


time spent on the sofa with Molly

taking an afternoon nap


too much time spent twisting and stretching

on the yoga mat…

but really,

it’s plain silly.

I ask you…

what’s an old hippie artist to do…

but to lose track of time

while finding some peace and a little rhyme


it doesn’t matter in the end

we usually find ourselves back where we begin.

Didn’t know where I was going with that for a minute there but there it is…free verse hippie poetry off the top of my head. I hope you dig it 😀

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll have something to check off my to do list.


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