What I Did Yesterday, Hatha Yoga and Art Quilts


Yesterday was all about getting things done but not artsy things, life things…post office, market, pharmacy for Sparky’s blood pressure meds, my mom’s to flip her mattress, the library to drop off books not check out because the books I want are the ones I just took back lol, so, I have to turn them back in to check them out again. After all the running I made for lunch…

Popcorn shrimp with onion rings, fries, hushpuppies and slaw.

For myself I made a veggie whole wheat pita pocket and side salad, it was delicious. After lunch I cleaned the litter box,

fed the stray cats Stray Cat Strut (not those stray cats lol, but how cool would that be?) and birds, The Birds (but not those birds, but again, how cool would that have been?)

did the dishes,

two loads of laundry,

cleaned the bathroom,

took a shower

and worked for a little bit on my art quilt

before evening yoga which was 1 hour and 35 minutes of Hatha with Tony Sanchez Yoga TV on YouTube Hatha Yoga I love the spider pose the most!

I  had every intention of drawing more on the coloring book DSCN3186.JPGlast night but I put on a movie on Netflix and it was so good I just got comfy in my overstuffed chair with coffee and Bijou in my lap and watched the whole thing start to finish without doing anything else which rarely is something I am able to do…like ever! The movie is call Visions, Sheldon is in it, you know Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. It was a great movie, even Sparky liked it and he doesn’t like any movies hardly ever. Visions Trailer You’ll never guess! Well, you might but I didn’t and it was so so so GOOD! If you have Netflix you should check it out.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Doreen Virtue or not but I love love love her. Here’s a link so you can check her out… Doreen Virtue

Ok, my friend, I want to go meditate a few minutes before the day gets going. I feel great after Ashtanga this morning and I want to carry this feeling all day long and I  hope you can feel the energy too! Have an artsy fun day and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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