Checking Off The List Already!



  1. Print and bind and ship new coloring book order
  2. clean out and organize Narnia art wardrobe
  3. order mailing tubes
  4. continue working on new coloring book drawings
  5. continue working on four panel art quilt (music themed)
  6. transfer art to my agent
  7. work on drawings for art stamp line
  8. start new mini art quilt
  9. make a new quilted hippie bag
  10. finish mixed media painting currently in progress
  11. start a new zine/art book

I did so good yesterday y’all! Here’s what I accomplished from the goals list above…

  1. except for shipping which will be done this morning when I run errands…market for fruit and veggies…out of brussel sprouts and asparagus!
  2. done!

4. in progress drew two more pics last night 😀

5….all four quilted and pieced together, now onto embellishing!!

Well, that’s it but that’s pretty good I think, especially considering all the quilting I did. Ok, ok, so it was machine quilted but I don’t have a free motion or quilting or walking foot for my machine so that’s extra credit if you ask me. I’ll take pics of it today before I start embellishing. I quilted right up to evening yoga time and then I had to shower and make dinner and draw and I forgot to take any pics.

I want so much to advance to the next series in Ashtanga but I’m still in primary. I can one leg behind my head at a time but not both, not yet. I can do the spider. It’s not part of Ashtanga primary, I practiced it the other day when I did a 95 minute Hatha practice and I loved loved loved it too. I always though Hatha would move too slow and be too easy but let me tell you the practice I followed was intense and in depth. It was awesome. If I have time this evening it may the yoga I practice. Anyway, I’ve never done the spider before and now it’s one of my favorites like standing head to knee and pigeon and shoulderstand.

It is a beautiful day for making art and I’m making bread again today. I wish I didn’t have to go out, out I must go and go I must do now since I need more coffee and hopefully some art time before cooking breakfast…I’m starving! Ashtanga was so great this morning! But it’s left me hungry!

So, have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!DSCN3177


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