Yin Yoga and This Week’s Artsy Goals


I practiced yin yoga this morning. Yin Yoga After all the intense power yogas I’ve been doing this full moon day called for a long deep stretching practice and I loved it! It was so so so GOOD! I’m thinking I need to add a yin practice in once a week so when it’s not a moon week I may practice yin on Wednesdays just to break it up a little bit.

Ok, so we need to be aware the energies in the air right now are rather volatile Doreen Virtue…love love love her! and we need to wrap our sensitive selves in a bubble of positive energy and not let anyone or anything penetrate our bubble. I’m thinking cozy blanket/pillow fort in a corner of the living room to crawl in with crayons and paper and books and coffee and bread until it’s over lol.

So, this week’s goals (art related goals that is, not errands or chores)

  1. Print and bind and ship new coloring book order
  2. clean out and organize Narnia art wardrobe
  3. order mailing tubes
  4. continue working on new coloring book drawings
  5. continue working on four panel art quilt (music themed)
  6. transfer art to my agent
  7. work on drawings for art stamp line
  8. start new mini art quilt
  9. make a new quilted hippie bag
  10. finish mixed media painting currently in progress
  11. start a new zine/art book

We’ll see how it goes, for now, I need to go fold my laundry and feed the birds and get more coffee so have a beautiful Monday my friend and try to stop back by again tomorrow! Much peace love art 😀



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Allison says:

    Busy, busy – LOVING the colours in that picture! Gorgeous. I love yin too, it’s so nice to do right before bedtime!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks Allison! Yoga and art sooth my soul 😀 Shared your blog the other day and folks loved it! Big warm hippie hugs!!

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