Last Week In Art

    1. Finish painting I started on Sunday
    2. work on second panel
    3. list new 11 x 14 posters to color in my etsy shop
    4. work on art stamp line
    5. build up online portfolio
    6. paint, cut, sew, quilt a new hippie bag and art journal cover
    7. work on a new coloring book
    8. finish up wish you were here art quilt
    9. mixed media piece for my art agent
    10. work on a mini quilt

This week’s goals….

  1. continue working on four panel art quilt
  2. start drawing a new coloring book
  3. submit motifs for stamps to my art agent
  4. do #6 from above even though I’ve done one already
  5. and #8 from above too

Ok, so, let’s see here, I can mark off the following from the top list of 10…

1, 2, 3 (is waiting on mailing tubes I need to order), 4 & 5 (a continuous work in progress), 6, 7 just got the paper to do it, 8, 9 in progress. So I need to continue with 4,5,7,9 and do 10, that means I did…1, 2, 6,and  8.

Now for the second list of 5….

1 is all painted now onto quilting

2 just got the paper

3 will do next week

4 and 5 done!

Not bad. Tomorrow I will set new goals. To be honest I didn’t really accomplish much yesterday, I had to go to the market and make bread and cook and I had chores and random life stuff so, yeah,  I didn’t actually do much at all. I started this though DSCN3177.JPGit’s a work in progress for my art agent. It may not be their vibe but I’m hoping 😀

Ok, so here’s this  week’s worth of art…

I may not reach all the goals I set for myself each week but I’ve got to tell you, it seems to help. It gives me a reference point.Because I spend a lot of time accomplishing nothing! like at all! This week I did finally get my studio’s chi right!! Yay!! I wake up every morning now ready to jump out of bed to practice art and get through my ‘morning rush (chores)’ so I can make art! I’m chomping at the bit right now!! So, I’m gonna bounce, still have to clean the litter box and sweep and refill my coffee and feed the birds, I’ll feed the stray cats this afternoon.

Have a great day my friend! Try to stop by tomorrow and we’ll set some goals I probably won’t accomplish lol.

Much Peace Love Art 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I always like your work – but I don’t comment too much!

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! I needed that today 😀 Big hugs!

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