Owls and Cats and Bats in Top Hats…hippie free verse poetry


You light the fire on the hearth

while I set the table

white linen cloth and china dishes

bowls of goldfishes.

Cookies, gingerbread, hot tea and coffee

sugar, oh, honey honey

bee can you see

how awesome you make tea and coffee too

gone too soon

this afternoon

of talking cats

and bats in top hats.

Squirrels in tree houses with pinecone wreaths on the doors

and plank floors but

no stainless steel if you please

they like living with ease.

It’s good here in the simple place

with afternoon tea and

a book to read

a place to lounge

lose the frown

hang upside down if you like

or don’t

it matters not

what you forgot or what you remember

only live what is and how you want it to be

how you see

is how it is

in this real life biz

how real is it though?

does it go fast

or does it go slow?

Snail crossing but

ladybugs always have the right of way

so they say.

Wise old owl draws near the fire to tell a tale

a shoe ship that set sail

cat draped lazily on the rail

to the stairs that lead to the loft

of dreams and schemes and plans and lands

like this

for another afternoon of bliss

of tea and coffee and cookies and bread and butter

Crazy hats and each other.

Until we meet again my friend

this is not really the end

just a place for you take up from here

bring it near and do not fear

it’s all good my dear deer

but not with beer

I like coffee.


Ok, there it is. I just typed until I quit hearing anything else to say lol. It doesn’t matter, it’s all good, it’s free verse hippie poetry day as most Fridays are…wait…it is Friday, right?

I dunno, but,I do know that  I hope you meet me back here tomorrow, we’ll check in on this week’s goals (yeah, right! lol)

Much Peace Love Art 😀



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