Yesterday, Today and This Week’s Goals


So, yeah, yesterday I didn’t accomplish anything art wise. But I have a good excuse! I do!

It was Valentine’s Day and Sparky surprised me with a mini road trip. We scouted for places…the right place…we’re manifesting a homesite and it’s so fun! I think we found it too! I’m so excited! I think when you show the Universe, the Infinite Spirit, that you’re open and ready by taking action and looking for that something something to become tangible then the Universe, the Infinite Spirit, moves mountains to help you. So, we took our first baby steps toward that yesterday! Yay!

While out on that mini trip we found a new place to go hiking which we’re gonna go back and do next weekend when it’s warmer than the 20 degrees it was yesterday! We also found and picked up a great floor lamp and tiered desk on casters. I spent the rest of the day after making lunch and taking a shower and washing my hair (it’s really long and takes a while so it is a chore! ) anyway, after that stuff, I worked the rest of the afternoon on my art studio making a good working place for my new stuff while trying not to block my window seat again. It took a while and I eventually just left it for my evening yoga practice and came back to it afterwards and finished up after dinner while watching the Walking Dead. I love zombies! And The Zombies!  Lol. She’s Not There…The Zombies

Sparky has left to take Sky to his check up…app. at 7:15 am! After that Sky and I will have breakfast and Sparky will take a shower for his radiology app. (gallbladder/colon  scan) and he can’t eat! Not since last night. I hate to eat in front of him, but, man oh man, I’m starving already! I practiced yoga and vacuumed and wiped down the bathroom already.

Last week’s goals…


    1. Finish painting I started on Sunday
    2. work on second panel
    3. list new 11 x 14 posters to color in my etsy shop
    4. work on art stamp line
    5. build up online portfolio
    6. paint, cut, sew, quilt a new hippie bag and art journal cover
    7. work on a new coloring book
    8. finish up wish you were here art quilt
    9. mixed media piece for my art agent
    10. work on a mini quilt

This week’s goals….

  1. continue working on four panel art quilt
  2. start drawing a new coloring book
  3. submit motifs for stamps to my art agent
  4. do #6 from above even though I’ve done one already
  5. and #8 from above too

ok that’s enough and we’ll see what happens, I’m in the mood to make a book!

Have a beautiful day my friend! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!

This will something by the end of the day 😀DSCN3150


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