Yin Yoga and Making Art…Life is Good


It’s Saturday. No Ashtanga on Sat. so I practiced an hour of Yin. Yin Yoga I have come to really love Yin. I once wouldn’t have practiced it though. Even though my preconceived notions of yoga from a million years ago as a kid was that of Yin isn’t that funny? But power yoga, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga! entice me so much. I love the movement with breath and the discipline it takes to show up for Ashtanga everyday except for Saturdays and Moon Days. Now, I find Saturday perfect for Yin, in the morning anyway. This evening will most likely be Atmananda. I’ve deviated away from Atmananda lately though in exploration of new practices working different muscles and meridians and I’ve been enjoying it, but I won’t abandon my Atmananda practice, oh no, I’ll just fuse in a new practice once or maybe twice a week in place of it since I just don’t have spare time for a third yoga practice during the day, but I wish I did because there would be a yin in there or Anusara or something brand new and different everyday!

I’m making art like crazy these days. One piece is flowing into the next. This week I’ll contact the art gallery for a meeting. So wish me luck, good vibes, positive energy, synchronicity and all that so if it’s the right thing it’ll happen and if it’s not, then well, it won’t so that will be fine too. I want to stay on the right path and be open to all things good!

This week’s goals once again were or are…

  1. Finish painting I started on Sunday
  2. work on second panel
  3. list new 11 x 14 posters to color in my etsy shop
  4. work on art stamp line
  5. build up online portfolio
  6. paint, cut, sew, quilt a new hippie bag and art journal cover
  7. work on a new coloring book
  8. finish up wish you were here art quilt
  9. mixed media piece for my art agent
  10. work on a mini quilt

I’ve accomplished…

1, 2, 5 (still a work in progress), 6 (a hippie bag), DSCN3135.JPG8 (still working on it though), 9 (started but got confused so shelved it for now),  And not on the list I finished a third panel! DSCN3143But I’m kicking the first one out and replacing it with a new painting DSCN3142.JPGthat hopefully I’ll be able to start today too and using the first one in another series…confusing, I know, but there is a method to my madness lol.

So, that’s 6 things out of ten but all six aren’t completely complete but it’s a start and better than usual probably. I’m feeling pretty good about it. And I’m about to start a day of coffee and art and peace and I hope your day is really beautiful too! And I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art!

Hey, where’s my coffee?


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