Into The Mystic…Hippie Free Verse Poetry


Around and around like a top she spins

DSCN3007.JPGIt’s a game in which nobody wins

It matters only where you’re going

not where you’ve been.

Shaking the snow globe

see where it lands

Where her feet hit

is where she will stand.

For a moment in time

written in sand…

If it doesn’t work

then simply begin again.

Spin the top to see where it lands

Shout from the tree top


Fearless and fancy free

soar to the sky

you and me.

Life is a spinning top

sometimes you’re up

sometimes you drop.

But you never stop!

Can’t stop!

Don’t stop!

Into the mystic you must go

life’s a traveling show

even if you only travel in daydreams

it’s all the same it sometimes seems.

You’re almost there!

Wherever There is

is where you are

until you aren’t anymore

it becomes a bore and you

spin the top, shake the snowglobe

once more.

My little hippie free verse for Friday. I like it. Hope you do. Perhaps my subconscious… it is trying to tell me something?Into The Mystic


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanda says:

    I think you need to put all your poetry in a book along with illustrations and get it published!!!!! Love this one!

  2. dawn says:

    Oh my gosh Wanda, I would love love love that so much!! Thanks 😀 Big hippie hugs!

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