Art, Birds, Cats, and Yoga


Oh man, Piper is on the piece of art I’m working on to show Porterfield’s. It’s been a rocky morning around here so far with the all the cat fights! It’s like The Real Housecats of Rowan County or something! I let Rainy’s cat out of her room since she’s not home and the cat was lonely and meowing and she’s been a trouble maker I think. Hopefully they’ll work it out and not gang up on my precious Piper anymore or they’ll be banished! Not really, I love them all but Piper is so sweet and zen and leaves everything and everyone alone so when she’s confronted it really hurts her feelings and that hurts mine. I love my furry babies so much!

Have I got some art to show you!! Too bad I haven’t got the pics to show you though lol. I will do that later. I can’t wait! I’m digging it! The abstract vibe. My Muse is telling me this is where art is headed so I’m going to listen to her. I wonder if my Muse has a name? I’ll ask…Muse, sweet sweet Muse, do you have a name? Now I’ll wait to see if an answer pops up.

Yesterday our yard was full of robins! They were everywhere! Probably like 50 of them! It was so cool! I snapped a pic of two doves hanging out on a wire and tried to get a picture of a tiny little one on a bare branch. I love birds! Not caged though. Birds can fly man, so they should be allowed to do just that. DSCN3124DSCN3125

Oh my gosh!! Guess what!!? Guess what I did in Ashtanga today?! I know, I know, I know ego is suppose to be removed from yoga and it is, I mean I fall out of poses from time to time and laugh about it so I think it’s ok if I’m a little bit proud of the fact that I can now do leg behind the head pose and I’m on the way to accomplishing Eka Pada Koundinyasana imgresand Bird of Paradise imgrestoo, but those are in the evening yoga not Ashtanga unless they’re part of the advanced series that I’m not up to yet. I love love love yoga!

Gotta accomplish this week’s goals and my coffee is calling so I’m gonna bounce my friend! Have a beautiful day!! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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