Double Rainbows, Chakra Balancing Yoga, Abstract Art, Music and Life!


Just to keep them forefront in my memory I’m posting my goals for this week again and I may post them in every blog this week just so I don’t forget about them as I usually do forget things except for song lyrics like Give Me Love, Give Me Peace and Into The Mystic.


  1. Finish painting I started on Sunday
  2. work on second panel
  3. list new 11 x 14 posters to color in my etsy shop
  4. work on art stamp line
  5. build up online portfolio
  6. paint, cut, sew, quilt a new hippie bag and art journal cover
  7. work on a new coloring book
  8. finish up wish you were here art quilt
  9. mixed media piece for my art agent
  10. work on a mini quilt

I did accomplish a few of them after all yesterday and I didn’t think I did!! So Yay! Let’s see now, I did…




So, that’s pretty good for a start and considering I had to run a ton of errands after Wayne took his mom to the doctor which took a lot longer than expected but what can you do? After lunch we took off and took care of his appointment and paid a bill and went to the market and post office and stuff.

Now here’s the really cool thing, after I put away the groceries there was really no use to try to make art for a bit before evening yoga so I took a shower and used my favorite lotion…Cinnamon Bun! Oh my gosh! It smells so good!!! I’m almost out so I need to look it up online to see if I can order it. After slathering myself in Cinnamon Bun lotion I dressed in yoga clothes and prepared to practice…I put out my mat, lit my candle this time instead of incense and ate my caramel rice cake and began practicing yoga. Now, since yesterday was a Moon Day I didn’t practice Ashtanga I practiced Atmananda instead in the morning so for evening practice I did a Chakra Balancing yoga Chakra Balancing Yoga and it was awesome! I loved it! Can’t wait to use it again. But that’s not the cool thing, well, it is indeed cool, the Chakra Balancing it provided but the extremely cool thing was…while in a twist pose I was able to see out the window a double rainbow!! Homey Cow! (Homey Cow has taken the place of Holy Cow, since Homey Cow came out as a mistake and stuck lol). I jumped up and out of the pose yelling THERE’S A RAINBOW! THERE’S A RAINBOW! My family came from their rooms and we all ran down the hall to the living room grabbing cameras and running outside in the cold rain to take a picture when we saw it was a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! I’m taking it as a sign! Got the picture and went back to yoga. When the practice was done the rainbow was gone and magically as it had appeared, it disappeared.

This morning during Ashtanga instead of practicing with Lesley Fightmaster and Jessica Klass on YouTube I put on my music and practiced to the Zombies and George and Van and John and some 10CC and Dr. Hook and England Dan and John Ford Coley and loved every single minute of it! Into The Mystic Love Is The Answer She’s Not There Give Me Love, Give Me Peace Cry Sharing The Night Together

I know this is getting long but I’ve got to tell you about art yesterday. I went totally abstract and it was so freeing and organic and flowed like the tides.

It was wonderful! It was like air and water and fire dancing together! My hands are still stained! I love that! I know it sounds crazy but I loved it so so so much!! I can’t wait to do it again. As a matter of fact….

Gonna bounce! Have a beautiful day! Do something, at least one little something, that enhances your happiness today ok? Pretty please. And try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art!



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