Art, Art, and More Art!


Still letting yesterday’s post seeds germinate so I’m going to stick to art stuff today. I don’t know if I told you but I’m searching out galleries again. I want this time around though to show my art quilts DSCN2405rather than 6 foot panels. I am so digging fiber arts and textiles and textures and all that good stuff. I’ve been receiving a lot of love about them too. People dig the mini art quilts

a lot. I love them and the bigger ones too but I’m onto even bigger ones now! I’ll still make the smaller ones too and my quilted hippie bags DSCN2784as well. I just sold another one of those! I love love love making the quilted hippie bags so much! I’ve found a gallery in Asheville I want to contact to show my art quilts to and I think I need to take a day and maybe two to revamp my online portfolio and I can’t see why I just wouldn’t do it right here. I mean this is my barefoot home, my country home, my simple living finding peace making art drinking coffee where vinyl still spins while cats nap on the window seat and we hang out everyday home so, why not show my portfolio, my own little art gallery, right here?

I’ll have a art quilts and pillows page,

handmade books/zines page,

scratchboard page,

mandala page

coloring books page

landscapes page

still life page

and that’s probably it lol.

I’ve also had people message me about art stamps and if my art is on any. The public has spoken! Lol, and I dig it! So, I’m thinking art for rubber and acrylic stamps now!motifs for stamps 5 I’m so excited!! I feel so good about the art that is coming off my drawing table and the textiles from my sewing machine, my dear old trusty sewing machine. I simply cannot wait to get up every moring to practice yoga, hang with you and make art. I love this life man! I hope you dig it too and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow to hang out with me. I’ve got errands today and tomorrow and Sunday is the Super Bowl, I love the commercials. Have you ever heard of anything called paste papers? I found a library book online last night and put it and several others on hold so I’ll pick them up after while and find out just what paste papers are. I’ll let you know. Peace out hippie friend!




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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Yay for the Superbowl! GO BRONCOS!

    1. dawn says:

      I like the Broncos too and I would be pulling for them if they weren’t playing the Panthers lol…I’m in NC 😀

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