Knee Deep In The Hoopla…Act Now! Before It’s Too Late


It’s currently 54 degrees, the high will be 55 degrees not a far reach. Yesterday by 8:30 am you didn’t even need a jacket! I think Mother Nature is Bipolar, but whatever, if I can’t control it then cie la vie. Stress less, live freer. Easier said than done believe me I know and I bet you’re nodding your head in agreeance too.

I want some changes…I need some changes…like way past due for them. I want to shake my snowglobe of a life and start fresh and new as the glitter falls around me like fairy dust and dreams.

Oh man, you know shit happens and you don’t even see it because you’re knee deep in it all the time and then one day it’s like waking up, like Rip Van Winkle or something and start thinking there’s more to life than this or that and that my friend is the exact right time to figure out what this and that is to each one of us…before it’s too late. And the thing is you won’t realize it’s too late until it is in fact, too late, so, act now! Even if only in small ways…baby steps..

pick up a paintbrush or a crayon,

dig your hands into some clay,

play your favorite music and dance around the living room barefooted, hey, do your best Risky Business moves!

Hula hoop,

walk outside at least ten minutes a day.

Pet a fur friend,

hug your kid,

hug a friend,

hug a stranger!

Hug yourself,

hug a tree!October's coloring book 10

Hugs release endorphins that promote happiness. Do something, at least one little thing that helps you feel happy each and every day, that’s your Muchness, your Happy, your sense that you Matter.

Place a stone near you and when you look at it let it remind you to think a happy thought…that’s manifesting and that can’t hurt only help. Start today…do one little thing and I will too and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow to see how we did. Much Peace Love Art!


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