Last Week In My Art Studio…


I cannot remember online id’s or passwords! I hate them as a matter of fact! Ok, that feels better…onto more positive things…

Oh yeah, last week’s art…

Let’s see now, I…

cut and drew and painted with mixed media patches that I turned into a cute patchwork box that I love love love and need to list for sale in my etsy shop. I purposefully made it look tattered and shabby chic and worn and much loved ’cause that’s the look I dig. I had first hidden the seams and hated it so I took them out and started over! Lol, I really did! Buttoned up and pristine is so not me you know that. Maybe I should submit this to a magazine?

Finished up the cover for my coloring book for the mindful word titled….The Earth Laughs In Flowers isn’t that line just great? 12484738_823759901080773_7982471874151040697_oIt’s a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I love, wont be long and my sunflowers will providing some of that laughter! I’m planting a field of them this year!! But I digress…

Let’s see…I also…

started drawing a mandala (work in progress) pen and ink! 21 year old dip pen! My favorite!

started drawing a new coloring book…11 x 14 inches! it’s really awesome! working on the cover now.Dreams and Sunbeams coloring poster

ooh! made a repeat pattern! accomplishment for me! mandala ppattern repeat

worked on fringing my pop art girl pillow…need to finish that up!DSCN3034

And I guess that’s about it if you don’t count Sunday I mean doesn’t Sunday usually begin a new week or is that Monday? I think it’s Monday but I don’t have pics of what I did Sunday which was a great art day for me! I worked on the cover art for my new coloring book, I drew motifs and drew another page for the coloring book too! I think 5 pages that are totally filling a page that is 11 inches by 14 inches is plenty don’t you? I meant that’s a lot A LOT of coloring!

This week I’m going after the stamp market so that’s the art I’ll be concentrating on the most or that’s the plan anyhow lol. And you know me and plans! You know what I want to do today though. I want to cut one of my motifs from yesterday out either carving it from a wood block on maybe foam…all out of lino unfortunately and coffee too so I’m gonna bounce.

Have a beautiful day my friend! Try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!


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