On My Soap Box


So long January. It was a rocky start and a bumpy middle but that’s probably because of Mercury in retrograde that’s what we’ll blame it on anyway. I don’t want to rush you out the door or anything but I’m hoping for wonderful things in February!

Art Licenses!

Coloring Books!


Peace! Love! Happiness! Freedom Baby!

Freedom from anything and everything that inhibits us, that tries to steal our peace and power and livelihood!

Freedom from oppression, anxieties, stresses, negativity, poverty, health issues, concerns, worries, struggles….all that stuff that clogs our life like a drain getting backed up! I want us all to flush it out! Clean our auras, release the good stuff! Bring on the happiness! The security! The success! The well being! The ahhh…1375163_417996681657099_654036371_n.

Sorry I guess I got a little carried away lol. But I feel really empowered right now and I want to share it with you…my friend. I want all good things for you and yours as well as for me and mine. Life’s good man! Share a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement because you know what? We’re all in this together and it’s easier knowing someone’s got your back. You’ve got this! Whatever this is and you know what your this is.

Ok, so I’m stepping down off my soap box now lol. Have a funday Sunday and try to stop by again tomorrow. I’ll do my week in art wrap up tomorrow since I preached today lol.  Much Peace Love Art! Hugs!!


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