January is almost over, is there anything left you want to do real quick?


January is quickly drawing to a close now man and I’m wondering…did I use it well? Did I live it? Enjoy it? Utilize every little thing? Recognize every opportunity? Were there lots of opportunities to even recognize? Probably not…on all accounts but you know what? I showed up for January.

I practiced yoga every single day, twice a day…yoga is kinda my thing, you know, like coffee and art lol. I just really really really love it. Anyway, I practiced yoga. DSCN2395

I cooked,

did laundry and the other usual chores too.

I listened to a lot of good music, Watching The Wheels…John Lennon

watched one or two good movies,

made some art,

finished a new coloring book for the mindful word.coffee mindful word pg33

I rearranged my art studio.

Made a repeat pattern.

I believe I’m finding direction for my art for the next couple of months…maybe? We’ll have to see if it sticks though.

I survived Mercury in retrograde! Thank goodness that’s over!

I feel like there was more I could do though. I mean I want to

submit to magazines and explore new markets

and get more contracts

and draw more coloring books and

make my own books…

coloring books,

art journal books,

coffee table books,

and hippie poetry books.

It would be so cool someday if someone loved my hippie poetry book so much they’d put it on their shelf next to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss…wow…that’s a dream of mine.

So as January departs and February approaches I vow to follow my instincts and show up for this hippie artsy boho country life of mine to have coffee and conversation with you, my friend. I hope you have a beautiful day and will try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much peace love art 😀


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