Following The Muse, Designing Fabric and Finding Peace


All talk and no action take me nowhere and I want to be somewhere…in the mountains…sooo…yesterday I started making repeats. mandala ppattern repeatOnce upon a time I wanted to be a designer, a fashion designer. I designed two lines a year every year from 7th grade all the way into my twenties when I gave up the dream.

I no longer care about being a fashion designer, as you know, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out lol. I love that show! Project Runway! But I do want to design fabric. Textiles that will be on bolts in fabric stores or in charm packs tied up with pretty ribbons. Fabrics that will catch an artsy eye and be purchased and carried home to be turned into something spectacular and much loved. A blanket, textile art, clothing or accessory or maybe collaged down in someone’s art journal with deep thoughts, secrets and wishes written on it. I want this so much!! And I know who I want to design for too…Free Spirit Fabrics. I am a free spirit artist after all! 🙂

This morning while practicing yoga as the sun rose I had the clear vision of a piece of art I would like to attempt today using seed beads and my loom! I know, I know, I know this has nothing to do with repeats and fabric designing but it may be something that I can’t ignore and could turn out super cool!

I’m wondering if I should just let the muse, the mood, the nudging dictate the day’s art rather than trying to be structured? I don’t do well with structure. I usually find a way to flub it up! Get off track, often procrastinating. So by being free as I value most…FREEDOM, I may accomplish more actually.

This day, Wednesday January the 27th, I vow to follow my instincts and see where they lead and what I accomplish. Right now they are leading me to more coffee and then….who knows what? I guess I’ll cross that cobblestone bridge when I come to it in a few minutes until then I hope you have the best day yet! And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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