Art, Posters, Birds and Bread!

Just made a big print on my new printer! I love love love this printer!!! 11 x 14 inches!! I’m working on a big big big coloring book. It’s going to be filled with Peace Love and Happiness!! Here’s the first drawing.Dreams and Sunbeams coloring poster

I finished up a project long past due but it’s done and there was no deadline since I’m just selling it in my etsy shop. It was going to be a banner, a quilted banner, but then I changed my mind and thought hippie bag and then I changed my mind again and made it into a coloring book/art journal. I love love love it! There’s 10 half size pages to color and blank pieces of delicious heavy cardstock to make art on! 20 pages total. It’s so cool! Original paintings, quilting, embellishments and a cute tag to boot! I’d love to keep it but I can’t keep everything and hopefully someone will buy it and love it and use it and it’ll get tattered and worn from being well used and looked back through. Sigh….


So, I couldn’t sleep. I got up before 4:30 am and started the laundry and practiced yoga and now it’s in a dry pile on the sofa waiting for me to fold it which I will do shortly before I start breakfast…the most important meal of the day and the tastiest if you ask me. And I may even bake my fresh bread since it’s on it’s second rise already!!


This is going to be a good day! Knock on wood…knock knock knock….

Oh, you should see the beautiful birds just outside my window seat!! I need to feed them, Hey you know what, the screen still isn’t attached from a stray cat tried to come in last summer so I could just open the window and toss out some seeds right now and they wouldn’t have to wait! I’m gonna do that!

Right now I’m parked in front of my heater in my studio looking at all the frozen white stuff and loving life. Later I need to try to take back my library books which I don’t want to do since I haven’t used lots of the techniques I’ve seen in them…dying cloth, book bindings, embroidery stitches!! And mixed media mosaics!! They look so cool! I really want to try one but I can’t wrap my head around how to start it.

Anyway…I hope you have a beautiful day my friend and all is well…safe and warm if experiencing the winter weather. Oh my gosh! My neighbor almost crashed just now pulling out of his driveway! Roads are icy!!! I’m staying in! I’ll take the past due fines!! I’ll call them it’ll be ok. I’m gonna bounce! See you back here tomorrow…okay?

Much Peace Love Art!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, great stuff!! 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Hey friend!! Thank you! Glad you dig it! Big hippie hugs 😀

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