A Week In Art, Snow, Yoga, and Furry Friends


Okay, so I’m writing this from my window seat!! Yay!!! I did a little, just the tiniest of tweakings on my art studio this morning, after yoga, ashtanga,  so I could utilize my window seat completely. I mean I could use all of it as table top but I want to get in it. I want to sketch there and read there, I mean here. I still can’t believe I’m in it! I think I want to cushion it a little more though and cozy it up some more but for now…right now anyway..it’ll do, but I have a feeling I’m not done yet.

Week art wrap up!…

This week I…

completed the cover for my new coloring book being published by the mindful word12484738_823759901080773_7982471874151040697_o

transferred art to my agentJava Flag Art

drew some swatchesDSCN3056

did a little paintingDSCN3058

rearranged my studio

and started a coloring poster book drawing…

all while drinking coffee DSCN2340and watching the snow and ice fall.

My meal highlight was homemade veggie soup! Perfect for a wintery day.

Piper and Bijou liked watching the snow from the windows

but Molly had to be out in it! She wanted out every few minutes. She would charge across the yard just like Betty and Wilma when they were going shopping! She would dig her nose down in it scooping up snow and tossing it in the air. It was awesome watching her. It was sooo very cool also practicing yoga with the snow falling!! And painting too! I love winter!

I wonder what artsy things will be created this week? I’m excited to find out! It’s time for decisions and moving forward and reaping the rewards of years of art!! And best of all Mercury is out of retrograde!! Yay!!! And how about these five planets? Wow!!!

I hope you have a beautiful day my friend and will try to stop by again tomorrow as we kick off a new week! An arts week! A decision making week!

Much Peace Love Art!!



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