Yoga, Snow, Cats, Coffee and Sketching…and it’s not even breakfast time yet!


I keep thinking today is Sunday because Sparky will watch football today and typically this is watched by him on Sunday but it’s the playoffs so there’s a game today just like last Saturday which actually did feel like Saturday for some reason and who cares anyway. The fact is, today is…Saturday not Sunday at all.

Ooh, now I want to watch Coraline. I love that film. Now I feel some Coraline inspired artwork wanting to be created!!! Yay!!p177367_p_v8_ae

So, this morning, after yoga which was awesome!  quite by a wild hair I picked up my art journal. I love my art journal. It’s a small Moleskine sketchbook I rewarded myself with years ago. As matter of fact, the drawings in it were from 2013! And may I say not many of them were any good…like at all! OMG! But I left them in tact anyway.

So, here’s the thing I am thinking I should sketch something everyday right after yoga while I’m having a little coffee. Not a big drawing or anything work related just something and only for a few minutes. I think I’ll set a timer for 10 minutes maybe 15 and just sketch…something…freeform. And then maybe share it here with you…my friend.

Here’s today’s drawing I did while sharing my window seat with Rainy’s cat Lena and my cat Piper took up residence in my chair and I don’t know where Bijou is but probably snuggled up someplace warm and cozy since she loves warm and cozy. sketch book page 1-23-16 Maybe tomorrow I’ll add color to it during that sketching time. Maybe I wont I’ll decide tomorrow. For now, I’m going to get more coffee and make some art baby!

Have a great day! It’s snowing here right now! Great for coffee and music and art before breakfast!! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀

Oh! Here’s a link to the yoga practices I did this morning in case you want to check them out…Yoga is good for you!!  Yoga and this one too…namaste yoga


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Dawn, I have seen and read Coraline. ❤ both 😀

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh! Me too!! I loved the book too!!!

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