Coffee Art Snow Music…YAY!!


Still haven’t done anything with the conceptual piece and now I think I may shelve it for a while since I finished a painting last night that I now want to duplicate as an art pillow and art quilt too I think. I really like it. It is so warm and bold and vibrant!! There’s lots of shimmer and transparency that the scan doesn’t do justice! Java Flag Art I had a great time painting it too. I can’t wait to start a new painting now! I have to run out for cashew milk and cereal and produce though so it’ll be this afternoon probably before I can actually make any art…sigh…

We had snow yesterday!! Yay!! It was so groovy painting while it snowed! If I could’ve had my music it would have been almost perfect. Sparky was parked in his chair watching tv so no music for me sadly.

Found Rainy’s cat in the bathroom this morning pushing the toilet brush container around the bathroom…the secret lives of cats! Who knows?!

Do you think it’s bad I don’t always or hardly ever…fix my hair. It’s a tangled mess most of the time lol. So I’ll braid it off to one side and forget it or just let it be wild and messy and free until it gets in my way and I once again braid it off to one side.  I wonder if I should take more time on it but then I think I’d rather be doing something else other than my hair…is this wrong?

Mr. Coffee is working right now to brew me some Hazelnut which reminds me I need to pick up some more today! You know what I’d better make a list and since no one is up yet…dare I say it…coffee…music…art…shhh….don’t wake anyone up. But meet me back here tomorrow ok?

Peace Love Art


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