Thieves on Amazon and Conceptual Art

THIEVES!!! I just saw more of my art on shower curtains on Amazon!!!!!!!!!! I’m so over this!! The reviews are good on it too. Folks love my art they just don’t know it’s my art! Damn! I’ll have to get on Amazon about this.

So, my conceptual art idea is still in fact only in concept. I just can’t bring it together. If it’s suppose to be it will though. I have no idea which one (piece of art) I’ll work on today but I’m wanting to accomplish something. I’m thinking yoga and earth. I’m thinking fortune telling art, I’m thinking I want some more coffee lol. And that I know exactly how to execute so I’m gonna do that thing right now. Have a beautiful day my friend and hopefully you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Hey, it’s calling for snow! Today! I didn’t know that! I wonder if I should go get some cashew milk? No, really, I may be out. And cereal too. Ooh, and tangelos and tomatoes and green tea for Sky. Hmmm….

See you tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!DSCN3038


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Dawn, your art is always very nice 😀 Amazon should know better. 😦

    1. dawn says:

      It’s not Amazon’s fault. I guess they can’t verify everyone selling is honest. But darn!

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