Cats, Chairs, Cold, Concepts


Well, here I am writing to you from the top of my table. Not because a mouse scared me up here either lol. But because my cat, Piper, has my chair and since she was there first I don’t think I can take it from her. Yep, she’s settled in there for the long hall I think. Oh well, cie la vie, right? Molly is sleeping on the sofa and Bijou is curled in a tight little ball on the back of the sofa behind Molly.

It’s cold man, like 14 degrees out here in the country. The sun is glistening off the ground and it looks like Mother Nature embellished the grass with glitter and diamonds. She did a great job! My camera is dead or I’d take a picture. I just spent the past 15 minutes looking for it. I don’t why I moved it. I always always always keep it in the exact same place.

You know what’s nice? Incense burning intermingling with the aroma of Hazelnut coffee brewing hot and fresh in the kitchen and calling my name!!!

Send Sparky healing vibes. I think he’s getting a chest cold. Chills, chest congestion, can’t rest…Going to double up on the Vitamin C for the rest of us!  Too bad I made soup on Sunday and we finished it off yesterday. Soup is always good when you feel bad. So are boiled eggs and toast. But toast is good anytime isn’t it? Oh man, I’m hungry! Ashtanga was great! But I’m really empty right now and so I must go make breakfast for Rainy and me. Sky is still sleeping and Sparky went back to bed.

I’m working on a piece of art or I will be after breakfast, that’s going to be played by ear you know? I’m winging it. I only have the concept of it not the actual finished piece or heck, the middle for that matter. Ok, I only have the first component of it lol. We’ll see how it goes. If my camera charges enough during breakfast then I’ll try to photo the process as it unfolds just like this day that I am manifesting to be a good good good one!!!

I’m gonna bounce to make breakfast and get more coffee!! Y’all have a great day! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!nov aceos 3


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