Mercury, Full Moons and Coffee

Good morning beautiful people! Mercury in retrograde continues and it’s making communication difficult. It’s hard. It really is. There’s a full moon this week too. The 25th I think. But what’s that I hear…Mr. Coffee is starting his morning music…thank God! I got up a little early.Cleaned the bathroom, the laundry is in the dryer. I’ve showered, practiced Ashtanga Yoga and fed the cats. I wonder if, well, never mind. Sorry sometimes, ok, most of the time I tend to write like I talk. I need to check my horoscope real quick. Something just feels off. Be right back..

Here’s the outlook today for PiscesThe good news you just heard has you distracted and excited today. But try not to let go of your grasp on reality right now. There is still some business at hand that needs your undivided attention, so make sure you have divvied out the hours in your day correctly. And while you should definitely try out some new ideas and techniques here and there, you need to stick to the tried and true for the most part. Make sure old things are square before you start exploring new ones.

Not sure what the good news is that’s distracting me but hopefully I will soon lol. And I do need to keep track of my time. This is something I struggle with anyway! Oh well. Maybe what I really really really need is coffee. So, my friend, I’m gonna bounce. Have a good Monday. Meet me back here tomorrow? Peace Love Art!


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