Cats, Coloring Books and Food


Sharing a chair for one with my cat. You’ve gotta love cats. Oh my gosh, y’all today I’m going to do the cover art for my new coloring book being published by the mindful word.   I’m really excited. I loved each and every drawing I did for this book, lol, but I always do don’t I?coffee mindful word pg33

I’m also working on a new collection of art for my art agent at Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing.

I need green tea and bananas and coffee filters and Duke’s Light Mayo and Sky’s nacho tortilla chips and let’s see what else? Probably a lot of things when I get there as this is usually what happens. I’m making rice and burritos with tortillas and salsa today at least I think this is what I’m making. Soup would be good today too. Maybe tomorrow. Got a lot of art to do between now and Monday too. So, I’m gonna bounce. Hope your weekend is groovy and you can spend a few minutes back here again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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