Making Bread and Art, but not at the same time


Good morning beautiful people! Yesterday I painted all day long! It was wonderful! Would you believe I’m standing while writing this blog since Piper, my cat has taken up residence in my chair! It’s true I give right of way and everything else for that matter to my furry friends! Lol. I tried to take pictures this morning of my paintings but my camera battery is exhausted, I know the feeling! Lol, not really. I feel great. Yoga, Ashtanga, was exhilarating this morning! I loved every last Chaturanga, I really really really did. I can’t wait to see what art I’ll make today. It’s good to be painting again. I’m glad the 50 pg coloring book is done for the Mindful Word. I loved drawing it but it’s good to have my hands, literally in paint again. They’ve already been in dough. Bread almost ready for the second rise so I’m off. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY! Try to stop by again tomorrow if you can šŸ˜€ Big hugs and much peace love art!

work in progressĀ 

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