When Days Like This Are Days Like That


You know it’s a good day when it begins with yoga followed by coffee and music and art. That’s living life man. Simple. Easy. Not always stress free but good. I heard recently that happiness is only 10% what happens externally…in the world, your world. The other 90% is how our minds process life as it happens to us. I really do believe this to be true.

Through yoga I have learned to laugh…out loud…at myself. I fall out of asanas (yoga pose or posture) and laugh! It’s all good. Sometimes a headstand becomes a TIMBER!!! kind of moment and it’s funny! Sometimes my tree pose is like a tree swaying in the wind and I think…well, isn’t that organic and smile. When too many of my art supplies start hitting the floor because I have butter fingers and drop them then I sit on the floor with them and make art from there. I think that’s life. Going with the flow, swimming with the current instead of fighting a rip tide. Don’t know where all these water analogies are coming from but whatever. The point is life isn’t easy, Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This Days Like This but they can be easier if we let them. When that idiot pulls out in front of you don’t loose your temper sing louder with the song on the radio. When the toast burns call it cajun. When the cat walks through your wet paint call it abstract!

When the days like this are days like that just breathe, find a way to laugh and remember this too shall pass and you won’t lose a single minute of peace. Did you know that losing your temper uses more of your energy than working a full day of labor? It’s a fact. Sky likes to say if you don’t stress and worry then you don’t have anything to stress and worry over and you can live your life with peace. I like that. He’s pretty wise and only 15! Yes, things will happen that will leave with a confused emoji thinking wth?  It’s ok, just go with it, sooner or later it will morph into a happy emoji and a great big thumbs up!

Ok, off my soap box now and onto the art box! I didn’t get to work on my mosaic yesterday since we were on the run almost all day long but hopefully today! Today I will mosaic! Hopefully!

Have a beautiful day my friend! Big hugs! I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! I got the good Hazelnut coffee yesterday!! Much Peace Love Art 😀DSCN2203


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