Sunday…drawing drawing drawing!


Two! Two more pages and my 50 will be done! A new coloring book published by or should I say to be published by the mindful word and I am so so so excited! It’s a collection of drawings of my favorite things! Hippie art happiness! Mandalas, peace symbols, sunshines and more.

We went to the Webb Road Flea Market Webb Rd. Flea Market so I was able to give Tami her Christmas gift and got a lot of incense! She has the very best incense!! Burning some now of course! Zen, it’s called and I love love love it! She’s in Building A…big peace symbol over her shop! She’s great! If you are in the vicinity stop in and say hey and get some great incense! Highly recommend the Zen, the Money Drawing and Sunshinebutterfly mandala printable.

So, tomorrow I have to take back the library books I haven’t finished with and I don’t want to but if I complete these last two pages then maybe after yoga this evening I can sit down with them.

Ooh, guess what is so very delicious? Brussel sprouts! Never had them before today but I picked some up at the market and steamed them and oh my gosh, they are so good! Love them! We all did! Dear little sprouts how have I done without you so long? Tasty! Just some salt, no cheese for me, Sky liked them with and without cheese and Sparky liked them dipped in Yum Yum Sauce. Rainy only tasted one but she liked them too. So score! Something else we all will eat! Most of the time I feel like a short order cook lol. For example here’s a meal….me…salad with some pita toasted up in seasonings in the cast iron pan and lots of sriracha. Sky…chicken wrap with provolone easy on the mayo, ketchup and pepperoni and a side of oven baked fries. Sparky, ramien noodles and a double decker black forest ham sandwich with mozzarella and crackers on the side. Rainy probably isn’t home, she’s gone…a lot.

Yikes! Mr. Coffee just beeped! Gotta go! Take care and have a beautiful day! Hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!


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