What Would You Do Differently?


I wish that I knew then what I know now (great song…love Rod Stewart!) but really what would I do different?

I would concentrate on my art earlier instead of thinking art was something to be done in free time instead of for a living.

I would believe in dreams and the power of positive thinking.

I would travel across the country sleeping under open skies full of stars.

I would buy property! Land…lots and lots of land where animals could roam free and safe.

I would take a cooking course perhaps pastries and bread since I love love love making bread.

I would watch the sun rise from the beach and watch it set that night from the mountains.

I would know things always find a way of working out and feel peace and share space and dance barefooted and hula hoop to music and live out loud every single day like it really was the last one cliche set aside.

Question…if you were to live your life fearlessly what would you do differently? Would you move? Would you try to do something? Would you write a book or travel or move or fall in love? What would you do?

Something to contemplate today. I think with Mercury in retrograde it’s a good time to wrap up loose ends you know? Weed out what we don’t need or want in our lives anymore. Doubt, worry, stress, negative self talk and the bothersome what ifs.

New year, new life, new routines, new words, new opportunities, new views, new way of thinking…of living…of being.

It’s not too late! We can start now! Today! Today’s the day that life begins! Next year we won’t listen to that song and think…yeah…I wish. We’ll know we’re living just like we want to or we’re at least moving closer to it. It may not be easy but we can do it! We’ve so got this!! Dreams come true for other people so why not for us too?!DSCN3028

One thing will remain the same though and that’s my desire for coffee and peace and art and meeting you back here again tomorrow! Much peace Love art 🙂


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