Mercury in Retrograde…stay positive!


The power of positive thinking. Sounds like a bunch of new age, mystical nonsense? I beg to differ. I think and have found from experience that there is in fact, power in positive thinking. When you believe things happen, they do. Yesterday I was feeding off Sparky’s negative vibration and it was really affecting me so I listened to Louise Hay for a while since he had to go out and made the choice to turn my thoughts and therefore my mood around. I realize now, that Mercury in retrograde is probably not helping but since it’s here for a few weeks I’d better know how to deal with it by counterbalancing with positivity, rethinking old art projects, completing projects already started. And most importantly remembering to show those in my orbit that Peace is reigning supreme! Peace is worth fighting for as bizarre as that sounds, like an oxymoron Peace and Fighting. Anyway, when I later, went to the mailbox I found good news! Good news in the mail box! Not bills! Of course any mail is good mail since half the time we don’t even get our mail! Lol. We live in a rural area and maybe the mail carrier is just plain tired by the time they get out here, I don’t know. But it’s happened a lot to our community. It’s all the talk at our one corner store/grill. Ok, so, yeah, I made this choice and got the good news and still Sparky continued to stress and put off this negative energy but I no longer let it affect me and told him I love him but I can’t trip down the road of doom and gloom. So not a good corner! Send me positive vibes though ok? Cause it can be difficult staying positive when those you share space with are feeling the opposite. Send Sparky good vibes too he could really use them. Mercury straighten up! Right now! Please! Until then…

Listen to your music

burn incense

get and give plenty of hugs

watch something funny

keep the faith

speak positive affirmations

and hang in there!

Ok my friend, I must go but I  hope you stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!!

DSCN3028Found this on Huff Post gps for the soul

Larry Schwimmer

7 Tips To Successfully Survive This Retrograde

1. Take special note of technology breakdowns, travel delays and lost items. (Things don’t work, poor planning creates long waits; and you’re likely to be more careless than usual.)

2. Watch your communications with others; take extra care with your words to avoid arguments and upsets. (You’re more likely to be impatient or to misspeak.)

3. Double-check the documents you write, your emails, even posts on Facebook and Twitter. (You’re mistake prone.)

4. People from your past pop up and re-enter your life. (Even though you’ve long-since forgotten, magically they appear months or years later.)

5. It’s a bad time to negotiate or commit to taking a new job. (You’re missing important details that may affect your decision. Or, you may find the information you’ve been given is not reliable; or that you haven’t been given the whole truth and “nothing but the truth.”)

6. Cars break down or the one you buy turns out to be a “lemon.” (Makes sure to get your car serviced before that long drive to your vacation destination; Don’t buy that car until after the retrograde ends when you’ll have all the facts to make the right decision.)

7. Avoid signing documents, or executing contracts, or making firm commitments of any kind. (There’s something you don’t know that you will when Mercury goes direct on January 25).




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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Being positive is good. <— forever an optimist. My sun is in Cancer and my ascendant is Sagittarius. 🙂

    1. dawn says:


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