What’s Your Thing?


Today is a quote by one of my favorites, Dr. Seuss, to ponder as you sip your coffee. I know I will be thinking about it, probably all day…



“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

What’s your thing?  What’s mine? And if it’s a thing we want to do or try to have or be or whatever then why haven’t we done anything about it or perhaps we did try to once but it didn’t work out so we didn’t try try again. Why not though? Why not now?

So, what’s your thing? I’m going to get more coffee and ponder this but I’m leaning toward fabric design. I always wanted to design so why not now? I’d love to see people making quilts and stuff with my designs on cloth! Happy hippie quilts!

Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace love art!


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