Just finished Ashtanga and I feel great. I love Ashtanga. At first I wondered if I would get bored doing the same practice everyday since Ashtanga is the exact same sequence of asanas every time, breath and body movement, so awesome, but I haven’t.I love that it’s vigorous with all the Chaturanga Dandasanas, really gets you going in the morning. But now that yoga is done until this evening anyway, I am totally getting chilly. I may have to push the heat up since winter has finally arrived…now that Christmas is over!

It never did feel like Christmas. Next year I’ll be better prepared for that. New traditions! Already looking forward to it! Easy to do since it is a year away lol.

I’m pretty tickled with 2016 actually in spite of the art thieves. I’ll have a new coloring book published soon and lots of ideas for the upcoming year.

You know what I need? I need a day planner. I may have to visit the Dollar store. I want to write down ideas and set goals and deadlines. I wanted to draw color and give Valentine’s Day cards but now I’m not sure if I have time. If I had a day planner I could make these notes and set deadlines and hopefully stay on track. So, yes, I need to invest in a day planner. Ooh, I could keep my gardening notes in it too! Track days seeds are planted and sprouted and whatnot. I wish I had a day planner right now. I would make myself one but I don’t really have time right now.

Speaking of time, it’s time for me to go my friend. Lots of errands today…the market two different ones! and the Dollar Store and I’ve gotta do laundry too! And cook! And work on my coloring book and start a project for January!! Yikes! I’m already behind! I should’ve gotten up earlier or perhaps never went to bed at all lol! See you back here tomorrow I hope 😀 Much Peace Love Art DSCN2719


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