Art Thieves,Yoga, and Funky Little Hippie Wish Birds…you know, Sunday.


Well, hello there friend! I ask you, do I have a sign that says STEAL FROM ME! I keep finding my art on products for sale on Amazon. Art that hasn’t been licensed and instead stolen from cyber space! And today someone contacted me…interested in my art blah blah blah…wanted to send a check, have a contact pick up the art blah blah blah. I swear, I may be a do no harm, hold onto peace hippie but I’m also a take no shit hippie! And I am so over thieves! Sheese!

Ok, rant over, I practiced yoga, Atmananda, Atmananda Yoga Video ate some toast and now never ending coffee is soothing the savage soul lol. I would listen to music but Sparky is watching tv so I’ll just draw a mandala. Mandalas sooth me. I love them so much!

Ooh, wanna see what I made? I made funky little hippie wish birds. You write your wish on a piece of paper or fabric scrap (I provide) and tuck it into the bird’s wing and wait for it to come true. I have them all over my studio. Lol, I wish, like, a lot! I’ve listed one in my etsy shop for 5.00. Funky Little Hippie Wish Bird DSCN3018DSCN3017

Ok, my friend, I’m going to draw that mandala now, so have a great evening and meet me back here tomorrow if you can 😀

Much Peace Love Art.


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