Good-Bye 2015…Thanks For The Memories


Another year, like a leaf in the wind, like a wish on a Dandelion petal, like coffee in my pot…gone in a blink of an eye or so it seems sometimes. 2015…the memories I will carry with me….

Yoga Kitties coloring book published by Blue Star Coloring…YAY!!!

Two yoga reindeer in Holiday Parade coloring book

contributed artwork for a collective coming out sometime in 2016…

sold lots of coloring books

really got into quilting

started making art pillows

most recently finally got my art studio just right!!!!

another coloring book being published in January 😀

Practiced Ashtanga Yoga and Atmananda Yoga everyday except for Moon Days and Saturdays and then I practiced Anusara or a Vinyasa Flow.11051135_10206160457396495_347369716_n

I cooked 365 breakfasts, 365 lunches and almost as many dinners but some dinners were left overs and a handful of times Sparky and Sky ate out so I just fixed my dinner (I don’t care to eat out, don’t like public restrooms either but that’s just my foible lol).

On Pandora my top station was, of course, George Harrison topping out with just shy of 2,000 songs played on that station alone. In the neighborhood of only 5,000 songs for the year. I love love love music!!Give me Peace

And last but not least hung out with you, my friend, for another whole year of coffee, art, and random life stuff. And as the new year is about to be welcomed in I look forward to anotherDSCN2855 year of Peace Love and Art with you!! Be careful tonight, I’ll be staying in making art, drinking coffee and remembering. Meet me back here tomorrow so we can kick off 2016 together! It’s going to be a great year!! Thanks for the memories!! Big hugs 😀



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