The 5th Day After Christmas…


I am already gearing up for a new year of good things. I want to move my art onward and upward. I want to make good things happen in 2016. I want to contribute to magazines, namely, Cloth Paper Scissors. I want to learn how to video tutorials and start a YouTube Channel for groovy people digging hippie art. I want to listen to more music and sew and quilt more. I want to explore more in my mixed media art. I want….exhale…to be freer. I want to find more whimsy and reasons to celebrate life. I want…to feel, really feel alive. I want to look forward to the upcoming day when I go to bed at night and at the end of the day I want to know I lived, really lived every moment. I want to live fearlessly, completely, artistically, lyrically, poetically. I want to open the garden gate and sit at a table having coffee, perusing Mary Janes Farm. I want to have moonlit picnics and long late afternoon hikes. I want to drink wine on a patchwork blanket on the ground under my favorite tree in the middle of the day. I want to play croquet barefooted and dance wildly shaking my tambourine. I want to find zen and make music with my xylophone. I want to speak Italian fluently, French too. I want to make crepes and chocolate mousse. I want to read more and take time to smell the daisies. I want to hold Peace near and dear at all times and meet with you my dear friend everyday. So, I’ll be here tomorrow and I hope you will be also. Have a beautiful day! Much peace love art.


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