The 4th Day After Christmas


Last night while having dinner I think I may have had an epiphany. Not sure yet and since I haven’t completely cultivated the idea I don’t want to go into details but I want to work on it and I want to go through all the notes in my iPad and weed them out. Here’s the thing about weeds. I think if I were going to be a flower I would actually want to be a weed. Weeds are resilient and just keep on keepin on. So I want to get rid of the annuals and keep the perennials and the weeds. I got my seed catalogue…can you tell?

My screen looks like it’s got the follow the lines to cut on it and I am wondering if this means it’s about to go. I hope not. I can’t afford a new one right here after Christmas. Good grief! Send my screen good vibes y’all! Thanks 😀

Ok, so this is really bothering me I’m going to unplug the connections and see if hopefully something is just loose from where I moved everything the other day.

Have a beautiful day! It’s raining here!! Love love love rainy days! Great for coffee and art! Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!

Much Peace Love Art!DSCN2998

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