The 2nd Day After Christmas…Muchness Returning :D


Well, I did it! It took all day long but I did indeed do it! I redid my art studio and the living room too! Now I have a printing station, a mixed media madness area for making happy hippie art. I can draw and sew in their designated spots and everything is together in its areas! Even Narnia is organized! And man, I purged magazines like crazy. I even got my vacuuming done at like 11 pm last night. I love love love it!! My cats do too!

Today I just had to clean out the litter box and do the laundry and make a loaf of bread. But the bread is rising and the clothes are drying and the day is still relatively young.

Today is another warm one! Windows were open before daylight, at 5:30 am before I practiced Ashtanga Yoga! Piper and Bijou are loving the windows being open so much.

I need to order myself a calendar so that’ll be something fun to do today, a little online shopping for a calendar. Art packages to get ready to ship out this week too! So, I’m off, need more coffee! Have a great day my friend! Try to stop by again tomorrow 😀 Much Peace Love Art!! I already feel my Muchness returning!! This feels wonderful!!! Ahhhh….exhaling…..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow that looks awesome!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks! I think the chi is just right!! Now, just to find time to make some art lol 😀 Big hugs!!

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