The Day After Christmas…AKA The Clean Up


Today is the day! Today I will begin my new year early! Today I will redesign my art studio and prepare for  a new year of art! Of possibilities! Of opportunities! Of contracts and art licenses! I will break with superstition and tradition and take down the tree before New Year’s Day. By the time I am done and who knows what time that will be this day, evening or night, my art studio will be organized! It will be ready to paint in, draw in, print in, make books and calendars and postcards in! It will be ready to have wonderful things like hippie bags and art pillows and quilts sewn in! More space for creating less for lounging since I never did lounge anyway. I’ll start right after breakfast. It’s going to be a task for sure but I’m up to it! Feeling good since yoga this morning and relief knowing Christmas is over. Usually, I am sad when it’s over but not this year. I have found that I’m not the only one feeling this way either. I asked my family yesterday where they pictured themselves next Christmas, you know, what would their lives be like? What would they be doing? Not one had an answer. Do you? I’m going to give it some thought. I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Send me feng shui vibes! Much Peace Love aRt 😀DSCN2790

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