The 23rd Day of Christmas


And would you think ill of me if I admitted that I don’t think I’m gonna miss it when it’s over this year? I just really feel like I’m ok with it passing quietly by at this point. I’m gonna cook a Christmas feast for my little family and they’ll open their gifts and the day will slip into dusk and the hopefully the magical mysterious fog will set in, enshrouding us in a wonderland, you know, like Narnia except without snow. No snow anywhere near us! Warm weather! Arrggg!!!!!!! But whatever, if I can’t change it then it’s not stealing my peace….that’s my philosophy. I’ll make better what I can and what I can’t I’ll just have to say *#@! it and move on. Less stress, less worry, more onward and upward! Mind over matter. If you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter. I think dwelling on bad stuff all the time only brings more of the bad stuff. If I expect bad I’ll get it. Sometimes if I don’t expect bad I’ll get it but I’ll fix it if I can and if I can’t then… But it does matter doesn’t it. Everything matters. There’s so much bad in the world! It’s overtaking the good. Where is the Love? Where is the Peace? Everything says look inside yourself but what if ourselves have been so conditioned over time that murders, terrorist attacks, home invasions, crimes against children and animals and the elderly pass in and out of our thoughts in a blink. Another murder, ok, what’s the weather? Oh my gosh, this is getting too deep and depressing! And there are no easy answers anyway so I should probably delete all this and look for sugarplum fairies but it’s already out there so I’ll just apologize for this blog post and go to the kitchen for more coffee and hopefully you won’t read this. If you are reading this then try to stop by again tomorrow when I with any luck won’t be dwelling on the whys and start concentrating on the can dos! Much Peace Love Art my friend and I’m so sorry for the downer post. Hugs to the hurting and the lonely



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanda says:

    W*O*W… this whole post screams ME!!
    Please don’t apologize, I’m pretty sure there are plenty others out there who feel the exact same way. Hugs my friend it’s almost over!

    1. dawn says:

      I’m finding this to be true for a lot of us!! We do need a Festivis For The Rest Of Us lol!! Hugs back to you my friend 😀

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