The 22nd Day of Christmas


And I still haven’t even come close to completing my Christmas shopping. I’m ok with that actually since I know what all I’m going get and where to get it and it’s all in close proximity. But I hesitate to say that’s my plan since my very best laid plans have usually failed. I’m more of a spontaneous kind of hippie.

I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is up for interpretation. What I mean is, how you spend it, what you do, what you listen to, what you watch and eat and do…it doesn’t have to be this or that. It doesn’t have to be traditional, it doesn’t have to be gingerbread men and sugar cookies. I started off listening to carols but then morphed into Aerosmith and Def Leppard and eventually found my way back to George Harrison and Van Morrison. For our Christmas feast the desert pie will not be a traditional pumpkin, pecan or sweet potato it’s going to be Turtle Pie! We haven’t gone caroling but we have gone walking. We didn’t make a gingerbread house but we did make brownies. We have played games and watched movies, ok, not many Christmas movies and ok, not many movies but one movie, the best movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. And several versions of A Christmas Carol and I intend to try to watch a few more versions of it still!

For now though, I need more coffee and my laundry is calling me to put it in the dryer and then maybe some art before breakfast on this rainy day. A beautiful rainy day that hopefully yield much art!! Art pillows, quilted hippie bags, boho painting, and coloring book pages!! Yeah, right! I’ll get as much done as I can though. Have a beautiful day! Much Peace Love Art!!DSCN2929


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