The 17th Day of Christmas


On the 17th day of Christmas I realized that Christmas is only a week away! For some crazy reason I thought it was two weeks away! Oh my gosh! Better get started! Yikes! Home for the holidays card

Also, today I had a little spontaneous furniture rearranging. Didn’t mean to do…just did it though. I love love love it! More room in my studio, a cute little sitting area by the tree and tv viewing made easier since before the big overstuffed chair was facing away from it. Speaking of tv, when we went to Best Buy for ink the other night I watched a 3D tv and it was awesome!! I was actually reaching out for an umbrella and jumped when the water splashed!! It made Sparky a little dizzy but I loved it!

I finished up another art pillow today and quilted a little and made some tags for my art and printed a bunch of coloring books and worked on my 3 nieces Christmas presents and I have a sneaking suspicion they will be happy happy happy!

It’s getting late, the fog has set in, the heater has kicked on and Mr. Coffee is wrapping up another pot of fresh hot coffee for me so I’m gonna bounce and make dinner and then work on a new coloring book for my publisher and possibly do a little hand quilting. Have a beautiful evening my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love ArtDSCN2968


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  1. beautiful work!

  2. dawn says:


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