The 15th Day of Christmas…a wreck, coloring book orders and art pillows


Oh my gosh y’all! You will not believe this! This morning on my way to the library I was sitting at a stop sign, there was a car in front of me also stopped. Traffic coming the other way didn’t have a stop sign. I looked both ways as she was sitting there and saw a truck coming. I could not believe what I saw! Like it was in slow motion, I watched, as she pulled into his path. He tried to avoid her but couldn’t and WHAM! CRASH! BAM! The collided! Her car was spun around and his truck jumped up in the air and Homey Cow! It was scary!! I was shaking like a leaf and I wasn’t even involved. I pulled through the intersection and parked at the convenience store where I spoke to a man who at 10 in the morning had a paper sack with a 40 oz. bottle of beer! Lol! He saw it too. I went across the street into the intersection and people were already helping the elderly woman in the car so I checked on the dude. He was shaken and his chest hurt. Poor thing, he had only had the truck 3 months! His wife, when he called her was less than understanding! Man! I told him to go to the hospital to get checked out, since he wasn’t going to. I think it was shock. Oh my gosh! I had to stay until I spoke to a state trooper and filled out a statement. After the library I came home another way and lo and behold, there were blue lights everywhere! I thought Oh God! Not another accident! It was only a license check! At the library I got a couple of coloring book orders

so that was cool. And my art pillowDSCN2958 I started yesterday is almost done! Yay!! I’ve gotta run get ink since I’m out and have like 7 coloring books to print! I’m gonna bounce. Have a cool one! Try to meet me back here tomorrow. Did I mention it’s December and my windows are up and fan is running?! I hate this!! I really do! WINTER COME BACK….PLEASE. 😀


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