The 13th Day Of Christmas…art, music and Tim Curry! I love Tim Curry!


Yesterday, the 12th day of Christmas,  I finished a new poster and started a new pattern and finished a new quilted hippie bag DSCN2877and worked for a short time on another one. Last night I lost myself in a great book! It’s called 500 Handmade Books imgresand I love love love it! I can’t wait to start making books again and I just may start this day.

I have to run to the store for some produce that will soak up some time and I have to make lunch after I get back from the store but after all that…maybe?

Piper 100_1547is stirring her food. Why does she do this, because this she does do…a lot. She has a compulsive need to tidy up. She tidies up the food, the rugs, the litter box even if she wasn’t the one who just visited it. She likes things nice I guess. The thing is in her tidying up she often leaves piles of messes for me…hmmm. She also loves coffee and you just cannot turn your back on your coffee since her face will be found in the big mug!

Yesterday, I got my rice cake as I usually do before my yoga practices and sat it on the island to top it with a little nonfat whip cream…so good! I turned my back to put the whip cream back in the fridge and when I turned around Bijoux


was face first in the whipped topping! On my rice cake! LOL!! Ok, you see, when I get out the topping to spray some on jello or pie or coffee she comes running, she loves the stuff! And ok, I know you shouldn’t feed your fur friends table food but it’s just a little and she loves it. It was so funny! I just let her get her fill and threw it away and got myself another rice cake. Molly loves popcorn, hot air popped, just a handful as a snack when I have mine and Piper loves coffee and Bijoux loves whipped cream…gotta love them!

Ooh, I found on YouTube Tim Curry reading A Christmas Carol! Tim Curry reading A Christmas Carol I love love love Tim Curry!! And I am a big listener while making my art. I think I’d been great with radio dramas. I don’t care for tv very much. I like listening to the tv but not watching it so much, weird I know, Sparky tells me that all the time!

Oh my gosh! Funny story! At breakfast the other morning for some unknown reason Sparky decided to slide his whole hand in the handle of his coffee mug which is regular size not a great big bowl like mine lol. He, of course, got stuck! It was so funny! He has a tendency to do these things! I could write a week’s worth of blog posts on places he’s gotten stuck! Lol, I should do that!

Ok, my friend, have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow. I’m thinking of writing my blog at the end of the day instead of the beginning that way I’ll already know what happened…either way, I’ll be here! Hope you will be too! Big hugs 😀 Peace Love Art


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