On the Ninth Day Of Christmas…Fog Banks, Art, and Life


DSCN2863First off to recap the 8th day of Christmas…art I did work on…

some hand quilting for a new hippie bag

printed, bound and shipped a coloring book order

started drawing the artwork that will be Tammy’s bag

In addition to…

running errands, 7 of them!

practicing yoga (morning and evening)

and the usual household stuff.

Today my chores are almost caught up and hopefully I’ll be able to devote a good portion of the day to art!! I want to work on the something I have in mind for Sara and paint Tammy’s bag and work on a repeat pattern.

Man oh man, it looks like London out here today. There’s a beautiful fog bank that’s rolled in and is suspended in the air like a shroud and I love love love it! I wish it would stay just like this all day long!

I’d like to light some incense put on some good music and make art. So, my friend that’s what I’m going to do right now! Carpe Diem and all that! So, have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!




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